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 By MARY RODRIGUEZ, ARIZONA on January 30, 2014
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 Dry Creek Olive Company
Dry Creek Olive Company

Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:
Our Master Miller is always searching for the perfect balance of fruitiness, pungency and bitterness. Our latest creations include several different types of oils, ranging from smooth, buttery Spanish-style blends to spicy, peppery Italian-style blends and fruit flavored oils in-between.
Pair our most popular Three Orchards and California Mission olive oils with pastas, dipping in bread and drizzling over Burrata and heirloom tomatoes. Our peppery and pungent Healdsburg, Tuscan and T.Bucher Estate blends are perfect for grilling meats on the BBQ, grilled vegetables and hard cheeses. Try our Blood Orange, Lime and Meyer Lemon with fish, drizzle over popcorn or your pancake batter. Our Hacienda olive oil is perfect drizzled over brownies with sea salt.

Company History:
Most people know it as Wine Country. But to the craftsmen and women of Dry Creek Valley, it is Olive Country. The renewal and resurgence of olive production in Northern California is the focus of the Dry Creek Olive Company. We’re uncovering old orchards – some dating back over 150 years – and coaxing them back into commercial production.
We believe that excellent oil begins in the orchard. To produce the highest-quality fruit and oils, you can see traditional orchards, high-density and super-high density plantings that make up varietals from Spain, Italy, France, Greece and our own native California providing attentive long-term management.
Our belief in the region and our commitment to a natural, authentic approach led us to take extraordinary steps to maintain the pedigree and integrity of our oil. By combining the artisan approach of the past with today’s technological advances we imported an entire Italian mill piece by piece from Gruppo Pieralisi, who has manufactured olive mills in Italy since 1888. Pieralisi helped us design a custom system that incorporates a traditional granite mill and a state of the art hammer mill – giving us the time-honored tradition of stone milling and the modern conveniences of automated technology.

Production Methods:
We hand pick our olives every harvest from our home ranch in Dry Creek Valley as well as work with local growers in Northern California and pick only the highest quality fruit. By combining two pressing techniques into one mill, we can select which mill to use based on olive varietal, ripeness, and desired oil style.
The two mills share common malaxation and centrifuge systems, where the olive paste goes after the initial milling. We use three malaxation (mixing) tanks, and a horizontal and vertical centrifuge to optimize oil extraction while at the same time preserving oil quality. All olive oil extracted from our mill is extra virgin. We cannot make any other grade of oil.

Awards and accolades:
We’ve won 48 awards in 2012 to date including Best of Show, Best of Flavor, Double Gold and twenty Gold medals. Below is a listing from our website.

Where to buy:
Oakville Grocery, Big Johns Market, Dry Creek General Store



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